The Best Of Ufos Weekly Dec 2013 Pt 1

After a few weeks off due to working and not enough credible footage within a good enough timeframe the series is back. They return, so I return. (More Below)
Thank you all for responding to my messages allowing me to use your footage and findings. I'm still waiting for one reply, so if you see your clip here check your inbox and respond to my message.

I also understand some videos may be reposts so if you see your video here without credits to you please message me to take care of the issue..

This video features clips posted over the last 2 weeks..

Thanks for watching this series over the last year!!!!

*Music Used*
Aran Zayne - Memories Of You

*Sources And Video Links*
UFO Lou '''TWO''' TANDEM!! Fast walkers,November 26 2013 Melbourne AU
Source: U.F.O.Lou

ISON Buzzed By UFO 2013
Source: StephenHannardADGUK

UFO, luminous object, simply amazing!!!
Source: Jeremy Thomas

OVNI y Avion Desplazados a Velocidad -UFO and plane Sow Speed
Source: jmhz71

UFO sighting, Australia
Source: ShamelessAusMusic

Source: infamousfanclub

UFODI News: Amazing Triangle Formation Over Tomball Houston Texas

UFO Fleet ,Militar Helicopters,investigated ? -OVNI Flota y Helicopteros ?Mexicali Mexico
Source: jmhz71

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Thank you all that are already there and share everyday!

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