Best UFO Sightings Of March 2012, AFO

The Best UFO Footage From Around The World In March 2012

Music - PaulFromStokeUK

Videos in order of appearance

Orb UFOs Floating Over Illinois, USA

Planet Sized UFO Next To The Sun

UFO/Meteor Shooting Over The UK

Pulsating Portal Ring Filmed Over Russia

Unknown Structure/Possible UFO On The Moon

Large UFO/UFOs Hovering Over Russia

Bubble Looking UFO Above Russia

UFO Harvesting Energy From The Sun?

Gigantic Triangle Inprint On The Sun

Moon Structure In A Photo In NASA Research Base?

UFO Formation Over The Pacific Ocean

UFO Recorded From Plane Over Amsterdam

Lunar Eclipse Reveals UFO

2 UFOs Recorded Flying Over Dallas From A Plane

Strange Lights Spotted Over Reading, Pennsylvania

Mysterious Lights Seen Over Amamoor, Queensland, Australia

Huge UFO Spotted By SOHO

Disc UFO Sighting Over The Himalayas"

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