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Best UFO Sightings Of 2011, AFO

Iv put a lot of effort into researching each case in this video, however nobody's perfect, and there are bound to be a few videos in here that have been debunked or proven fake. But I ask you, to always keep your mind open. Just because someone has told you the video is fake, or there's a video out there explaining in minute detail why it is, don't let that change your mind about it. Until there is good solid evidence out there that explains why and how the video is a fake stand by your own opinion. Don't let somebody else's opinion overshadow your own.

Videos used listed below

Detailed UFO Orb Recorded Close Up Over Nazca Peru

UFO Sightings Over Lake Elsinore, California, USA

The "Jerusalem UFO" At Dome Of The Rock, Jerusalem

Fleet Of UFOs Over Brazil

Strange Blue Cloud Over The White Sea, Russia

UFO Filmed From Airplane Window

Strobe UFO Over Madrid Spain

UFO Traveling At Extreme Speeds. Orlando, Florida, USA

Masses Of UFOs Flying Over London City, UK

Masses Of UFOs Flying Over London City, UK, Angle 2

Disc UFO On Google Earth Over South Africa

Glitches In The Sky Matrix

UFO Recorded In Tijuana Mexico

UFOs Filmed Flying Across Earth From Space

UFOs Recorded Orbiting Earth's Outer Atmosphere

Cloud Coverd UFO Floats Over Trekhgorny, Russia

Boomerang Shaped UFO Recorded in 2011 (43 seconds in)"

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