Winged Creature Filmed in Indonesia - Alien, Angel Or Hoax? At first glance, this footage is easily dismissed as a hoax. However, this security camera footage from Indonesia seems to show a humanoid figure (bright and pulsating) descending and then ascending quickly. What ever the unknown object is, manages to capture the attention of nearby people (security guards?) that run to inspect the spot where the being had touched down. The first part of the video is the original clip. It goes pretty fast, so I also included a second version slowed down. Surprisingly, you can see that whatever the object is, seems to be a definite light source, causing the ground beneath and surrounding walls to become illuminated when it descends. YOu can also make out a human like shape inside the light and even wings that seem to fall naturally as the being touches down.Of course, it could be a clever hoax, but cool footage all the same. Many are claiming that this video shows the appearance of an Angel. Others claim the being is an extraterrestrial or alien. What do you think? Just another hoax? Or the real deal?"

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