UFO - 'the Angels

One of the most experienced and respected UFO sky watchers in Mexico is a young man by the name of Pedro Avila. Since 1994 he has videotaped many UFOs above Mexico City. On the morning of November 27th 2005, while watching the sky from his bedroom window he videotaped an amazing sight high above the city. On March 4th 2006 the footage was presented at the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Convention held in Laughlin (Nevada) by Jaime Maussan and Santiago Yturria and records something extraordinary. Videotaped in a discreet area of the sky was what looks like a small group of illuminated figures, or luminous humanoid beings, playfully moving around without any obvious means of flight
Avila heads the "Los Ojos de la Ciudad" group, which is an organization specializing in UFO studies and well-known for the quality of its investigations. For more information please contact: losojosdelaciudad@yahoo.com.mx"

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