Former Astronaut says Aliens are Here

25th July 2008

LAKE WORTH, FL -- Dr. Edgar Mitchell is one of only 12 people who walked on the moon, but it's child's play compared to the intergalactic shuttling he says is going on between alien planets and earth.

"I don't know how many or how they're doing it. But I believe they've been observing us for some time. We see these craft all the time," says Mitchell.

The Lake Worth resident is a firm and vocal believer in the presence of aliens on earth.

How many civilizations out there? Billions and billions of stars in the galaxy and it doesn't take but a few planets circling around stars to create quite a few civilizations.

Mitchell spent 9 hours and 17 minutes walking on the moon as part of the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

He suggests alien crafts are surveying parts of the country where nuclear testing was done including Roswell, New Mexico where he believes an alien spacecraft crashed back in 1947.

He says the government and military covered up the discovery of the spaceship and the four alien bodies found in the desert.-

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