Earth Sized UFOs

Nassim Haramein has spotted Earth Sized Nephilim/Annunaki Sun Ships using our sun as a "Stargate" portal to other systems.

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Emperor of the 12 domains
  • 1. Emperor of the 12 domains | 2014-09-25 09:37:01
So they travel to OUR galaxy for what? Surely their own galaxies have the supplies they need. So they chose our sun NOT the better or bigger ones. They don't contact us as a whole collective nor invite us for a ride?
Millions of stars but ours is the one?
I want to water board him until he vomits out the truth. He needs a hair cut bad but I assume he's trying to look wise and we'll worn.
Send him to the sun. One way ticket...
  • alexparadoxe (link) | 2016-04-02 15:34:02
Hello, It seems that our planet is under quarantine, and that there is a war above us physicaly and spiritualy, that must lead to our freedom as for the moment we are an enslaved civilsation

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