SAME UFO type SEEN 3 PLACES?- DAY & Night Captures - COMPARE & SEE!

COMPARISON to 3 separate sightings filmed in 3 months in 3 different places since 3rd report JUST FILED w/MUFON 8/20/12 -- 2 in SAME COUNTY of western Pennsylvania (Westmoreland Co. -- home of famous Kecksburg UFO crash). 2 Daytime sightings and 1 of MANY sightings of what is now famous "Orange UFOs" -but can be ANY color,size,luminosity they choose ...& MORPH shape to various crafts like TRIANGLES.. ***NEW MUFON REPORT IN CALIFORNIA filed 10-12-2012 is drawing of SIMILAR KIND!
February NC sighting pics:
October NC MUFON report:
... Yeah, I understand fully that you've got to see them in person to believe it -- I GET IT. So use these and my other videos as a REFERENCE just in case you see something strange in YOUR skies that has you scratching your head.... Because it WILL perplex you too. This group -- whoever they are -- prefers to use visual DECEPTION to mess with our perception of what we're looking at. I assume it's so we stay confused enough to NOT ACT UPON THEIR PRESENCE. Why have lights at all? Hey, when and if they land, I'll be sure to ask them. Until then -- EYES TO THE SKIES and REPORT SIGHTINGS, since I don't trust anything sneaking around like this and increasing their volume of crafts and frequency like in advance for some military move (in my opinion, because they haven't been nice enough to 'fix' Fukushima nuclear-fuel leak problem to 'save' us or planet).
Here is ElectrickDragon's MUFON reports filed originally so you can judge against the video evidence whether or not the "IFO" determination by them as being HELICOPTERS was INCREDIBLY wrong, lol.
City Greensburg, PA
SUBMITTED AGAIN BECAUSE RICH SANDER OF MUFON NEVER INVESTIGATED! THEY NEVER 'STABILIZED' THE VIDEO, THEY NEVER ANALYZED THE VIDEO! I HAD TO DO THAT! UPDATES: -STABILIZED VIDEO WHICH MUFON WASN'T ABLE TO DO -ISOLATED STILL SHOTS (MUFON AGAIN WAS UNABLE TO DO THIS.. DIDN'T HAVE THE RIGHT "SOFTWARE" OR EQUIPMENT! SHOWS HOW SCIENTIFIC THEIR "RESEARCH" REALLY IS) -TRACED OUTLINES WHERE YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE FIVE-POINTS.. BRIGHT RED STROBING LIGHTS, AND NO BLADES OR PROPELLORS! -MADE A NARRATION VIDEO WHERE YOU CAN SEE SURROUNDING AREAS AND DRAWLING RENDITION OF CRAFT Nov. 12th, 2009 - Original Mufon Case #20533 I was on Rt. 30 WEST going into Greensburg, and while waiting at the intersection by Mountain View Inn, I noticed what appeared to be two birds "fighting" each other, or in some kind of squabble, over the highway up ahead. As I drove closer, red blinking lights drew my attention upwards to these "birds", which were spinning, rotating, and circling each other. I then drove directly under the objects, and I clearly see that the craft was a five-pointed star-shape when viewed from underneath. Circular-ringed ridges were on the body, emanating from a center dome in the middlr of the craft outward. My very first reaction seeing this was that these were some sort of R.C. airplane, but then it dawned on me that these had flown extremely low in comparison with the tops of nearby trees. I pulled over in the middle of the road next to the dividing barrier, and tried to film what I could as they flew away. Trees and powerlines are somewhat in the way in the film. 1 minute and 30 seconds of film shot, with only about 15 seconds of "good" footage of the crafts. The "backs" of these crafts had a giant red light fixture, approx. 3 ft in heighth and 6 ft in length, with vertical rows of lights that would flash from side-to-side. As it flew away, the two crafts appeared to fly slightly unstable, wobbling and tilting side-to-side as it flew off. It headed off first South, but then veered in a south-westernly direction, and I attempted to chase it by following road in that general direction, but I never was able to catch another glimpse of them.

And yeah -- my sighting of 9-3-09 in Jeannette, PA went un-investigated with NO RADAR REPORTS or other EVIDENCE too before being excused.


Hey, I understand that MUFON is volunteer organization with no funding -- got it. Doesn't excuse incompetence, however, when this ineptitude has caused one of the biggest UFO flaps that WAS REPEATABLE AND STUDY-ABLE by SCIENTISTS to not be taken seriously. A DAMN SHAME.

So when you guys see a report mentioning REPEAT SIGHTINGS WITH FREQUENCY, GO THERE in PERSON with the proper equipment like I and others have bought with GREAT PERSONAL EXPENSE to document them and their bizarre behavior and then SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD FOR FREE so we don't think you're just after our money, like all the rest out there seem to be doing."

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