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7 UFOs near Moon? 9July2011 HD Too Big for 'Moon Orbs' OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー eXoPolitcs

~Proof UFO Cover Up Explained in 10 Minutes by Dr. Richard Dolan:


~CBS: UFO's Mounting Preponderance of Evidence & Government Cover Up!:

~Undeniable UFO Documentary [HD]:

~British MOD UFO Files + Olympic False Flag Alien Invasion?

~Declassified Military UFO Files Released July 2012:

~Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? STARMAPS showing Real Human Origins: &

~66 Hidden Alien-Human-Conspiracies History 'Do Not Watch This Film' Annunaki NWO Reptillians:

~New 2012 UFO HD Docu-Trailer 'Sirius':

~'Real X-Files' UFO introduction by John Kuhles aka ExomatrixTV on Dutch Mainstream Media:

~credits video: [flaxious quote]: "I filmed the moon, just to test my new camera, when I watched the footage on my computer, I noticed these 'orbs' , ufo's , balls or whatever. Might be artifacts (technical glitches), I just don't know. Thought it was funny to try and analyze it a bit by zooming a little. I counted 7 'orbs' , 2 at the end that aren't counted in the video. [flaxious unquote]

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