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Etymology from Truthiracy - Once again I school the assumptions of this fool called woeuntothewicked1s (woeuntothewicked) aka Aaron of DoubleAAmazing. From papyrus to doxa, watch as i school this fool on a level he never thought of! He is on level one, a basic novice who tries to teach me about etymology (lol) as he reads from an etymology website that I have used for years! lol I take this fool to school and show him what a real researcher and being a real etymologist is all about!

Double (BULL)
Bible (BULL)
Torah (BULL)
EL Talmud (BULL)
Tankh (BULL)
Yahweh (BULL)
Yah (BULL) 'Lunar Moon'
Jesus (BULL) 'Yahshua'
Christ (BULL) 'Crescent Moon, Lunar Bull'
Mount Sinai (BULL) 'Moon Mountain'
Byblos (BULL) "Gebal"
Fable (BULL)
Parable (BULL)
Paradox (BULL)
Paradox (OX)
Equinox (OX)
Equal (EL = BULL)
Parallel (EL = BULL)
Lyre (Liar = BULL)
Genesis (BULL)
Psalms (BULL)
Muhammad (BULL)
Shinar (BULL)
Sin (BULL)
Jericho (BULL)
Babel (BULL)

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