Chi Energy Documentary - Proof of Chi

This is a documentary of this guy who can unleash this shocking energy, chi, by meditations like Shaolin Monks.....

Believe or not, watch the documentary.....

Q. What is Chi?
A. It is referred to as "life energy" that can be converted into different types of energy, such as kinetic or electrical energy within the body.

Q. What is the scientific fact for this, I'm a little skeptical?
A. The scientific fact is that our bodies are comprised of an energy system that can be measured in many different ways. Doctors are continually doing research to find more data to support the reality of chi. Asians, especially in China and Japan have been using chi to heal patients for years. It is only in recent years that the western world has become interested in the hows and whys of this somewhat mysterious phenomenon. ( Below you will find some resources that show actual research done by both the East and West in terms of this energy)

Researchers in many different fields have realized the significance of the bodies ability to adapt to different types of stimuli and stress. By putting the body through specific exercises that are designed to build this energy body by increasing the pounds per square inch in the body as well as increasing the size and strength of the individual nerve fibers of the body, thus causing the body to be able to store as well as emit energy.

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