The Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry Exposed

Bill Schnoebelen claims to be a former 90th degree freemason who has escaped Freemasonry and become a god fearing Christian. Being such a high level initiate, he possesses a vast amount of secret information on Freemasonry, and reveals to the public the true face of Masonry, and the Satanic practices involved therein.

But while this video contains a lot of powerful information, we must be aware that Schnoebelen is still on the wrong path spiritually, including being involved in some strange form of Christianity at present. So please ignore his Christian musings, and his dreamed up fantasies about Islam, and appreciate the wonderful expose on Freemasonry.

Another important consideration is to not accept all of his claims at face value. While the majority of facts he presents are easily verifiable as true and accurate information about Freemasons, he certainly throws in a few wild claims about personal experiences of which further investigation is needed to authenticate them.

A few of the topics cover in the lecture are:

* The true meaning of the letter G on their logo
* Freemasons secret signs, handshakes, and passwords
* Freemasonry induction rituals and oaths
* The various different degrees of Freemasonry
* Concealment of crimes and favouritism in the court rooms
* US History, including its Presidents
* Architecture, including Washington DC and obelisks
* The danger of Sion (not Zion)
* Royals beliefs that they are the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdelene
* Drinking and eating from dead human's skulls
* Links with Satanism and Witchcraft
* Calling up Satan and invoking his blessings
* Famous terms such as "the widows son" and "square deal"
* The infiltration of lawyers, judges, and police by Freemasons
* Nearly every leading occultist and black magician was a Freemason
* Freemasonry is inherently evil, but only revealed at the higher levels
* Jack the Ripper has masonry painted all over the incident

Due to it being a full length video, you may skip the first 1:20, and end at 2:14:15.

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