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First Moon Landing 1969 unseen footage APOLLO 11

Apollo 11 moon landing .... video compares NASA astronaut TV coverage sent from space to Earth against the Hasselblad photos taken on the Moon. If you study both you'll see that the position of flag, solar wind experiment and TV camera are all in exactly the same position in relationship to the LM.........not one is in the wrong place!

It's okay to have questions but if you think all 6 landings were a hoax (they were not) on the basis it couldn't have been done, then remember Neil was landing from a vacuum onto 1/6th gravity easier than landing a helicopter. The astronauts were exceptional human beings' infact 12 of the most exceptional men out of hundreds of thousands. They were qualified Mechanical Engineers, University lecturers, Navy Test Pilots, qualified geologists, athletes who congured every physical test that was put infront of them etc etc.

These days we celebrate talentless average (and below) people (and make gods of) who just win talent competitions and we call people who can kick a ball geniuses! So no wonder why some don't believe exceptional people can do exceptional things.

BTW I have 70 other apollo videos! Ty

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