FREE ENERGY NOW LOW COST 50 CENTS THANKS FUNDING Dear Mr. Hutchison, I am writing to you because I would like to investigate the structure-property relationship of the materials you have experimented with. I think what you do is fascinating. I want to know what is happening to the materials. As you may or may not be aware, the synthesis-structure-property relationship is the key to understanding materials performance. You have a synthesis method that is "unexplained," according to Dr. Lawrence Murr, a well respected Materials Engineering. He has the single peer-reviewed failure analysis publication on your materials. In his abstract, he claims an anomalous failure mechanism that produces fiber like microstructures on the order of ~500um-1mm. I've been able to confirm these structures using the "Aluminum Jellification" images on your website. I can clearly make out a characteristic sub-micronstructure (a fibril of some type) on the order of ~800nm-1um within the fiber. In my world, which is in micro and nano structured materials , your electrographs are of relatively large structures. I am extremely interested in characterizing the sub-800nm structure of the material and measuring the mechanical properties of the materials you use. With all due respect, after reviewing your website images of the "Unknown Metallic Compounds," "Extremely Modified Grain Structure", and "Unknown Alloy after Hutchison Effect" I've noticed MORE INFO LOOK LOOK HISTORY HEY LOOK POWER FROM A TINY ROCK THERE COST MY COST OPEN SOURCED AND 50 CENTS IF YOUR GOING TO MAKE THIS MY PROJECT OPEN SOURCE IN GREAT DETAIL AGAIN AS IN MY OPINION AS WELL AS OTHERS IT WORKS WHAT YOU ARE SEEING IS LEFT PARTS OF COMMON MINERALS I TREATED BROKEN WAFERS THE DUST AND BROKEN BITS FROM MY JAPAN FREE ENERGY DEMONSTRATION LOOK COVERED BY SCIENTISTS AND NEWS MEDIAS LINKSHttp:// AND THESE CHUNKS ARE SODIUM SILICATE BITS , NIOBIUM METAL , GALENA GERMANIUM ROCHELLE SALTS CHROM SALT IT WAS A DOPING AGENTS ADDED TO THE SODIUM SILICATE I FOUND THIS STUFF AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAR TREK PROP I USED IN JAPAN TO CARRY THE ENERGY CONVERTER ILL SET LINKS IN FOR YOU THIS TECHNOLOGY IS NOW OPEN AND UNITS ARE SELLING BY DR MEADE LINK AND WE BOTH HAVE PROVED IT DOES WORK MINE WHERE TESTED AT KYOTO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY BY MR OGIWARA , ALSO TESTED BY WALTER ROTHENTHAL USA SCIENTIST , BY DR ANDREW MICHROSKY , BY DR LUDWIG OF GERMANY PLUS OTHERS HIROSHI YAMABE GREAT INVESTMENT WHERE GIVEN ME WHERE I HAD A 3 AMPERE 3 VOLTS UNIT THESE UNITS ARE LOCATED IN DISPLAY AROUND THE WORLD MOSTLY JAPAN BUT MY JAPANESE INVESTOR VANISHED WHILE MY GERMAN ONE DID NOT I HAD MANY MODELS FROM A FEW MILLIAMPERS TO 1/4 AMPERE AS SEEN ON TECH TV THE OLDEST MODEL IS FROM 1993 VIEWED BY GEORGE HATHWAY AND DR HAL PUTHOFF YIN HAS THIS UNIT IN AUSTRIA AND ITS THE SAME UNIT WALTER RHOTHENTHAL TESTED AND IS STILL ACTIVE OK SOMEBODY IS ASKING 3800 FOR THESE UNITS THIS VIDEO IS SHOWING THAT THE REAL COST IS 50 CENTS TO BUILD AND CAN BE DONE ASAP WE SHOULD HAVE A KIDS GROUP THAT CAN TURN OUT HUNDREDS IN TIME, A FACTORY THIS NOVEL ENERGY IN TIME WILL REPLACE MANY THINGS GO HERE TO HELP OUT THE MOTOR SHOWN RUNNING IN THIS VIDEO TAKES IN A FEW MILLIAMPERS AND CAN RUN ON ONE VOLT I GUESS LEDS WOULD LOOK GREAT ALSO 3 VOLTS COULD BE HAD BY DIVIDING THE ROCKS TO SERIES Hutchison Effect Metal Samples: Description and Analysis Email a friend Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on linkedin Hutchison Effect Metal Samples: Description and Analysis Author: G. Hathaway, Hathaway Consulting Services | Document Download | Product code: ZCP2009MST0667 File size: 2 MB Classified as: Nanotechnology thanks for looking MY OTHER VIDEOS ON THIS CHANNEL ARE FREE ENERGY, ANTIGRAVITY , GUN CONTROL , PEOPLE EVENTS UFOS,ALIENS LOL WEATHER STORMS HUTCHISON EFFECT GHOSTS ENTITIES , MACHINE TOOLS , OCEAN ADVENTURES WTC 911 NIST FOIA RELEASED INFO LASERS , HOW TO , INTERVIEWS SCIENTISTS , MY CRAZY IMITATIONS OF FOLKS LIKE KARLA KNIPTION PEARS MORGAN , JUST GO THREW THE PLAYLISTS FOR YOUR INTEREST links for you Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://"

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