Huge Structures on the Moon - Official Data Source

Strange structures / anomalies on the Moon. How does NASA explain this ? The white object (high albedo) located in the Copernicus Crater seems to have an evident artificial architecture. A horizontal half-circle shape (with a shadow on a part) terminating at the front with a curved plan (on the right) toward the left side. An overhanging 'head' is at the center of the structure. On the left of the object there's a T-like building, with a spherical object above. If someone could help for structures scale... Thanx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official image : (5151_h1) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eastern Oceanus Procellarum Mare Insularum Copernicus Crater (~) 9.10° N, 19.20° W US Lunar Orbiter 5 (1967) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music : Vangelis"

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