STAR FLIX - Hoagland's Mars and Hyper-Dimensional Physics - FREE Movie

Richard Hoagland presents his evidence to the United Nations. In non-technical language, using official NASA photos, stunning computer graphics and other video images, Richard Hoagland, as head of an independent Mars investigation team, makes a case for crucial connections between ancient structures on the landscape of the planet Mars and the ruins of ancient civilizations on Earth.

This presentation was given at the United Nations and filmed in 1992 and to this day still remains a vitally important source of research about ancient extraterrestrial artifacts discovered on Mars and the discovery of Hyper-Dimensional Physics encoded within the relationship of these artifacts and more importantly the implications of the discovery of Hyper-Dimensional Physics.

This multimedia video presents new research not included in the original NASA Cydonia Briefings.

NOW on DVD - Hoagland's Mars and the Moon / Mars Connection - 4 DVD Special Edition, Cat# U410. Go to or where ever DVDs are sold.

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