ANCIENT GIANTS existed based on REAL Facts and proofs. New video. 2013

Evidence Of Giants Who
Walked The Earth

Who could have wielded a 64 pound hammer?

John Burke's "Connections" explores how one invention can lead to another, which leads to another, etc However, although this process of researching is how I came about finding some fascinating new and old information, Mr. Burke wasn't involved with this particular discovery. I only hope that the observations presented in this essay won't bring on a torrent of hate email.

There is an ancient copper mine near the coastal town of Llandudno in North Wales. This area rises 220 meters above the Irish Sea, and it is known as the location of the Great Orme Copper Mine. It dates to the Bronze Age, about 3500 years ago. More than 2500 hammers at the mine have been recovered at the mine.

It is believed that the mine stretches for many kilometers, with six kilometers already surveyed. It is known to have nine levels within it, and over 1700 tons of copper are known to have been removed from the mine. This is quite a staggering accomplishment for a society of that era without the use power tools, or at least as we know power tools today.

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