The Best Of Ufos Weekly October 2013 Part 1

Some of the better ufo footage from the last 2 weeks that I was able to share. These videos are much longer than shown on here. Please check out the links below to see the videos in its entirety.
Full credit to the ones listed below for their footage and findings, I do not own any of this footage. I would like to thank all the ones that responed to my email allowing me to use their footage. One of you didn't respond so if you see your video here, send me a message or just check your mail and respond to that one.

Thanks for watching...

*Music Used*
Yiruma - River Flows In You

*Sources And Video Links*
UFO in Mauritius 9/29/2013 at around 9:00pm
Source: Aeolia Shenberg

UFO sighting over skyscrapers in Russia 2013
Source: UFOThing

UFO,s in Group Motherhip Mexico Tijuana- OVNI,S En Grupo Configurando
Source: jmhz71

Amazing Nightskies - Skywatching for ufo's New Zealand 3/10/2013
Source: Horsefarmer1000

UFO In Hong Kong 香港上空疑似UFO出現! 6-Oct-2013
Source: Smileboyhk

More Ufo Networks And Sky watchers
FindingUFO -
UFOsightings2013 -
Lou Chrichton -
TheAFOFiles -
StephenHannardADGUK -

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