The Best Of Ufos Weekly May 2013 Part 1

The sightings in this video start at the end of April to the begining of May 2013. This year has been full of good sightings so far and this week isn't any different. Thank you all for allowing me to use your footage or findings. Without you guys these videos wouldn't be possible. Feel free to share these videos but always leave links when doing so.
Thanks for watching here, and stay safe!

*Music Used*
Thomas Bergersen - Remember Me

*Links And Sorces*
UFO Caught Orbiting The Moon
Source: DarkSkyWatcher74

Huge Battleship Type Object Above Planet Earth
Source: Streetcap1

UFO Over RUSSIA 25.04.2013
Source: infowarrioralexjones

U.F.O. Citizen Hearing on Alien / UFO Disclosure meet in Washington D.C.
Source: SignsofThyComing

UFO Over Church Mexico City- Ovni sobre la Bassilica Mexico df
Source: pisosmadera

UFOs Absorb Energy During Thunderstorm? 2013
Source: StephenHannardADGUK Found By Michael Groone

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