The Best Of Ufos Weekly August 2013 Part 2

With a week off from posting this series it returns once again today. Everything in this video is posted below. Thank you all for responding to my messages and allowing me to share your findings or footage. I'm still waiting for 2 replies so if you see your video please respond to my message.
I also understand that some videos maybe repost, so if you see your video here without your credit please send me a message.

Please check out the links to view the full videos. Thanks for watching this week..

*Music Used*
Immediate Music - Battle For The Underground

*Sources And Links*
Pulsating UFO 4 Aug Linköping Sweden
Source: TheNightWatcherSwe

Triangle UFO coming out of a storm cloud over Lehigh Acres, FL 08/08/13 8:20pm
Source: DDSDTV

Fleet of UFO' s Sighting over Las Vegas

Над Миассом пролетела эскадра НЛО
Source: Chelyabinsk31TV

UFO Over China Makes News 2013

Star Trek UFO Caught Next To Sun? 2013

UFO Ejecting Sphers Like Angels- OVNI Como Angeles Soltando Esferas 13/08/2013 Mexico
Source: jmhz71

Orb UFOs Observe Military Satellite Launch in Cape Canaviral, Florida August 7, 2013
Source: AlienPeace1 - There is GOOD out there

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