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The Best Of Ufos Weekly August 2013 Part 1

The summer of sightings continue into the month of August with some of the better uploads of the last week.
Thank you all for allowing me to use your video footage or findings. I'm still waiting for one response, so if you see your video here please check your inbox and reply to my message. I also know that some videos may be reposted, if you see your footage in here please message me and I'll take it down.
Thanks for watching here and stay safe!

*Music Used*
BrunuhVille - Riversong

*Sources And Video Links*
Multiple Multicolored UFO 's Filmed Northern Whitby ,Ontario
Source: MAY777ABLE

UFO Best Power UP July 29 Wow!
Source: Charles Lamoureux

UFODI News: 3 UFO's Fly Side By Side Low Over Philly
Source: UFODisclosureIreland

Source: UFO-Skywatcher Sävedalen

UFO pyramidal,diamond in -OVNI Diamante en Colombia
Source: jmhz71

UFO flying over the tree tops
Source: Blip Street

UFO Sighting With Colored Disc Shaped Object
Source: FindingUFO

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Thank you all that are already there and share everyday!

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