Best UFO Sightings Of January 2012, AFO

Music - Dreams ( Beautiful Hip Hop Beat )

Links to all the videos used below. A big thank you to all for such brilliant footage!

Lone UFO Over Taipei, Taiwan During NYE Countdown

Multiple UFOs Flying Over Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Red Lights Hovering Over Naples, Florida, USA

2 UFOs Filmed Landing In Orléans, France

UFO Sighting Over Denbigh, Whales, UK

Fleet Of UFOs Over Campinas City, Brazil

UFO Filmed Next To Chemtrail
Amazing Pyramid UFO filmed, Jan 2012

2 Blue UFOs Interacting Over Monte Bisbino, Italy

UFO/Meteor Over Japan

Strange Lights Over Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

UFO Caught On The Pensacola Bridge, Florida

UFO Captured Hovering Over Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Slow Moving UFO Over Cooloongup, Australia

UFO/Meteor Recorded Over New Mexico USA

Pulsating Portal UFO Hovering In Mid Air Over Russia

Mass Sighting Of UFOs Over Mexico"


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