Earth Sized UFOs

Nassim Haramein has spotted Earth Sized Nephilim/Annunaki Sun Ships using our sun as a "Stargate" portal to other systems.

To me(Dave Beamer) various ancient lore mention a new "Phoenix" forged from the sun every 500 years as the former does a return trip into the sun. Langrenus and Copernicus craters on our Moon both have these Mile Long NAZCA line shaped Phoenix ships docked there.(See included links) Those lunar based craft are smaller sun molded/shaped NAZCA line copies resembling their planet sized ancient Seraphim counterparts seen in the above video. These two in Nassim Haramein video show a controlled fight into the lake of fire(our sun) much as two massive territorial birds of prey. Not ships in my view but actually two Earth sized combat engaged angelic beings, no less relevant to Earth history. The lead is trying to lose the pursuer in the Sun.

Nassim Haramein Physicist Resonance Project

Phoebus another name for Apollo, but is also a poetic word to describe the sun;
Thus please note Apollo in Rev. 9:11 or Apolyon the Nephilim angel of death destroyer and his Locust Alien Army..."


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