UFO May 3rd 2012 by the sun - Now it really is breaking news!

Life on Mars Confirmed! January 29 2014 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P372MHRj8AM Are nasa covering this up? It seems a little weird to me. Disinfo in the http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP8vjdrvphI What is it? Will NASA be forced to come out with a statement or explanation? Lets hope so. This is where the footage you are looking at comes from. Set the date to 2012-03-05 and the time 13:19:41 helioviewer.org Thats the exact date and time as shown in the video. Set the cameras to SDO, AIA, AIA, 304 You cannot see it right?? TAGS:TAGS: nasa images moon tycho ufo ovni real starship disclosure annunaki spacecraft alien critters discovery mothership motherships space et ufo-fleet in hd aliens nasatv matrix wormhole stargate nightvision cosmic angels bbc mars ISS mystery conspiracies greys apollo conspiracy weird lunar pyramids nwo extraterrestrials astronaut universe fastwalker star orbs alieni news ovnis science paranormal nibiru earthquake planet shuttle secret ufos НЛО ufo alien aliens ozn ovni 2012 namaste roswell crop circle abduction angels rapture god 飞碟 飛碟 orb orbs उफौ nasa today Unidentified Flying Object space moon uso usos discovery universe mufon supernatural gray grey reptilian mayan"


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