UFO June 2012 over Ireland Caught on Cam

On the 29th of June 2012, My Brother noticed this Strange apparent Orb/ U.F.O hovering in the Twilight sky above Ireland, I Decided to Capture This Anomaly and upload it to Youtube!
Update: I just wanted to say for the People who think its a Chinese Lantern, A Chinese Lantern doesnt last more than 40mins in the Sky and it constantly ascends (Also a Chinese Lantern is either Red or Yellow).
This UFO stayed in the Same place and it was Pulsating. It Was also BELOW the Clouds, And some people think its the Sun, at 10:50pm at Night?
30mins after the Capture, it moved over my House briefly and disappeared in a Flash!

Do NOT Copy my Video, I've seen that some YouTube Users replicated my video and uploaded it to their channel. I will not accept this with or without permission, You'll be getting an Enfringement of Copyright flagged on your Version of my Video!!"


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