Multicolored UFOs + Best UFO Orb PROOF (a/k/a pulsating lights that change colors)

Posting because so many are reporting them (even though not my best capture of one).
**NEW**Sept 2013 TV NEWS w/VIDEO:
BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri TV news about SAME KIND HERE:
NUFORC UFO report in Royersford, PA 4/27/2012 HERE:
North Carolina MUFON report of SAME Oct 2012 HERE:
~After the pictures were taken, I ran back to car & grabbed the nightvision cam, but it had DISAPPEARED (FYI skeptical excuse-makers: Sirius RISES in the SE, not sets in the SW and isn't this big & bright on photos) .
****SAME MULTICOLORED ORB filmed in Brazil in 1986 footage here:

Included Footage by another in Bensalem, PA and my footage filmed in Murrysville, PA - November 4, 2011 over one of several high, inaccessible wooded hills they like in this area... ALL contain old abandoned coal mines, btw. High radon gas levels in this area as well. Murrysville, where all the bonus orb & UFO footage was filmed, is located about 22 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Westmoreland County -- home of the famous Kecksburg UFO crash (never heard of it before these UFOs showed up, btw, as I wasn't 'into' UFOs previously). Full length videos including these clips are listed on my channel page or backup channel, MOREseeingUFOsPA (made after channel was attacked the first time for posting this info).

(MO has had the same type UFOs as I've been filming all over the state lately).

This video's bonus footage contains just some of the other UFO footage I've gotten over the past 2 years...It is VERY important to show because it demonstrates SOME of the abilities of these amazing morphing orb UFO visitors and their crafts. What I suspect is their "travel containers" the spheres or orbs can be invisible to our eyes, transparent, solidly lit in any one solid color or rotating many colors, blinking or pulsating, dim or bright, large or small. Somehow they change shape or a craft emerges or morphs from the energy field after getting outrageously bright, then moves off -- without lights or, more commonly, with lights that easily mimic our own aircraft navigation lighting. BEST SEEN WITH NIGHT VISION as they typically don't "just disappear", although it may seem like that to bare eyes. ****My night vision is ATN brand, model NVM14-3A generation 3A scope. Yukon Night Ranger binoculars are more affordable, have video-OUT jack and can also see them when cloaked.

Typically seen to fly/hover way too slow for our aircraft to stay airborne, they like to stay close to woods/treelines and seem to patrol above them back-and-forth over them several times before flying off (many times with smaller one IN the woods being presumably guarded by higher "sentry"). Not sure why or what they like about them, but others reporting the same behavior of the same-type crafts in many locations (youtubers with video listed on my channel page).

Don't be fooled by what appears to be star-like white/prism or orange/amber/golden TOO-BRIGHT approach-type lights, which suddenly become strange-looking aircraft flying over you SILENTLY or with too-quiet sound or just DISAPPEAR. They use combination small-size, low and slow flying to give false illusion of higher altitude craft. These mimic UFOs are not new -- Pine Bush, New York is famous for them.

WHEN DONE SNEAKING AROUND, they usually reverse the process by shrinking back down into a smaller sphere shape, then shoot off or move slowly, fading out ... we assume going back to where they came from.

HERE IS LINK TO Site listing multiple MARCO/Capri ISLAND, Florida reports w/eye witnesses accounts at town meetings and other reports here:

Blackwatch2010's entire video:
His other video of similar kind:

ANOTHER person in PITTSBURGH (realdon99) filmed similar in Oct/2011:

SCOTLAND -- similar looking kind filmed while still light out:

More written local PA sightings of UFOs & weird creatures like Bigfoot (also seen near here) can be found on website under "sightings".


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