Israeli UFOs on BBC - close-up analysis

BBC News Shows UFOs along side an F-16 on an israeli military training exercise on September 19th, 2007, near the Syrian border, with rumors of war.
The video is real; original footage is still available at the BBC:
Or search in the "BBC Audio & Video" for " Israel-Syria raid 'admission'. "

These shots were clearly planned to show off that israel also has star wars technology up it's sleeve. It clearly shows an electric aircraft of enormous proportions, possibly hundreds of meters long. Giagantic aircraft - over 1,5 km in diameter - have been spotted in the past decade flying not so high over France, Brazil and Great Britain. Flying saucer technology must be developed beyond our most wild dreams - after all, Nikola Tesla drew up the principles of electric flight as early as 1894; the germans having played the major role in developing them in the 30's up until the end of the war, when hundreds of Peenemunde scientists, headed by Werner Von Braun, were divided among the USSR and the USA (see 'Project Paperclip'), where they set up major underground bases (with R&D, manufacturing, testing & training) such as Area 51, in Arizona, and Kapustin Yar, between Volgograd and Astrakhan, near the Caspian Sea. Today there are rumors of dozens of secret basese throughout the world, some underwater, such as in the bay of Santa Catalina, California. Electric aircrafts have been seen throughout the world since the early 50's."


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