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The Real Moon

Obscure information coming from our moon, there is nothing more romantic than a walk on the beach at night for lovers under the moonlight, but did you ever wondered what is the moon ?
You take it for granted that is there but its not the natural satellite of earth as earth never had a natural satellite (as tought in school) and if it was, its orbit should be the opposite of what is it, its much older than what we had expected, his composition is very different from earth in its grades of composition of the minerals and this is... just a sample of some of the many anomalies (not all) , discovered on that odd place called moon... so be aware of that !

By the way, no counterparts can claim any copyright infringements, as the use of this data has been carefully researched and collected from various free resources from the web.
This video is an original unique collage made by Mirco Piccioli and produced solely for non-profit educational purposes !!!! When possible credits are given blatantly with no secrets !!! Silly comments will be removed I'm open to discussions however."


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